How Websites Are Evolving in 2019


The greatest marketing tool for any organization is its website. This is your business home online! It is where your business lives in this digital world.

All marketing campaigns count and will do what they do, but it is the website that will ultimately decide how an organization is perceived.

2019 thus, promises a lot of evolution in term of how we perceive websites and this is exactly what to expect.

  1. Limited dullness

Long gone are the days when bright coloured website themes were a reserve of fast food joints.

The realization that these colours do a lot to capture the attention of people is leading web designers to experiment with them.

Organizations that are already making an attempt at using bright colours are reporting positive results.

This is making more companies want to do the same. It will come as no surprise if your favourite website tweaks its colours this year.

  1. Animations for navigation

Animations are vital in encouraging users to complete an action. In 2019, expect more companies to integrate animations on their websites. All this is in a bid to get visitors to spend more time there and complete an action.

  1. Focus on mobile

Smartphones are the second coming in the world of computing. More people are accessing the internet on their mobile phones. It is only logical that more emphasis is put on creating mobile-friendly websites that users can access.

The websites must be mobile responsive.

Web designers are taking this one up with a lot of commitment. In recent times, many websites have become more mobile friendly.

  1. Bolder Typography

The internet gets new entrants on a daily basis in terms of new websites. Making your website stand out in the face of all this competition is hard. It all narrows down to what impression do you make on your visitors. Thick fonts are a proven way of getting people’s attention and curiosity stirred up. In 2019, expect this to turn from an experiment to a norm.

  1. Targeted Content

The bounce rate on your website is going to worsen if you offer general content. With the number of websites on the internet, targeted content is a goldmine. In 2019, shift your focus to more targeted content and offer value in it.

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