Numbers Don’t Lie: 5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Micro-Influencers


Influencers are the hottest thing when it comes to marketing in this digitized age. But even with their following and fan base, between macro and micro influencers, who do you need for your campaign?

This is a tough question to answer at a glance, and only the help of numbers will give us concrete answers. Macro-influencers are individuals with 100k+ followers, micro-influencers, on the other hand, have between 1000-100k followers.

So why should you choose micro-influencers over macro-influencers?

Here are five reasons why:

1. Conversion Rates

Having a large following is not a surety that all your followers will react to your posts and make a conversion. According to Markerley, influencers with 10m+ followers received an average of 1.6% likes on their posts. Contrast this with 8% likes on posts of micro-influencers with 1K followers and below. It is common knowledge when conducting a digital marketing campaign that conversions and engagements count towards more than impressions do.

2. 74% of Buyers get Influenced by Social Networks

According to a survey by ODM Group, 74% of buyers admit that people in their social networks influence their buying decisions. Microinfluencers more often than not are part of the social circle of their followers and can significantly impact on the buying decision of their followers.


3. Value for your Money

Sprout Social reports that micro-influencers with <1k followers charge an average $83 (approx 8,300/=) per post compared with $763 (approx 76,300/=) charged by influencers with 100k+ followers. Taking into consideration the conversion rates discussed above, micro-influencers are your people of choice if you want value for your money.

4. 53% of Microinfluencers Use Organic Posts

A survey conducted by Bloglovin reveals that 53% of micro-influencers admit having never boosted a post on their timelines. On Instagram, less than 10% of them admit to having ever boosted a post to get more engagements. Organic posts and their engagements represent a steadfast following that any savvy digital marketers can tap into to increase conversions.

5. Five (5) Products on Average for each Micro-Influencer

Research by Bloglovin reveals that 70% of micro-influencers are engaged in 5 or fewer promotions/products per the calendar year. This presents a large and untapped potential. It could also mean that your particular product does not get faded out in the crowd as it competes with other products that macro-influencers usually promote concurrently.

Are these five reasons compelling enough to make you give micro influencers marketing a try? We’d like to hear your thoughts down below.

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