Pinpoint Display Marketing

Increase Your ROI by Display Marketing

From banner ads to pop-ups: display advertising is unavoidable, and every internet user, whether using a desktop or mobile device, encounters it on a daily basis.

As the original means of online advertising, display ads have undergone a drastic transformation in recent years. Thanks to real-time auctioning, retargeting strategies, and the arrival of other new techniques, this traditional form of advertising is still an integral part of a robust marketing mix.

Here’s an overview of some typical advertising forms used in display marketing:

  1. Banner: the sizes of banner ads can vary, and they can feature static, animated, or interactive designs.
  2. Pop-up: advertising screens that ‘pop up’ when a user carries out a specific action, like scrolling over a certain word. This method relies on JavaScript.
  3. Pop-under: works the same way pop up ads do, but appears after a website has been closed.
  4. Layer ads: unlike pop-ups, which open a separate window, layer ads cover a site’s entire content.
  5. Content ads: these are banner ads that are embedded directly into the content of a page.

Every time you open your browser you see them – adverts promoting the latest gadget, holiday or job. Often they are targeted specifically to you, based on what you’ve searched for previously, your age, the kinds of sites you visit and even your location.

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